Employment Type
Job Location
Mavoor Road, Calicut, Kerala, 673004, India
Working Hours
9 to 5
Base Salary
₹20000-₹25000 Per month
Date posted
December 27, 2022
Position title
Flutter Developer

Responsibilities :
• Collaborating with a team of developers, designers, and project managers to plan and implement new features for the app
• Writing and testing code in the Dart programming language to ensure that the app is functional and meets the specified requirements
• Debugging and fixing issues that arise during the development process
• Optimizing the app's performance by implementing best practices and identifying and addressing bottlenecks
• Maintaining and updating the app to ensure that it is compatible with new versions of the operating system and any changes to the app's requirements
• Collaborating with quality assurance (QA) teams to ensure that the app meets the specified quality standards
• Participating in code reviews to ensure that the code is maintainable and follows best practices
• Staying up-to-date with new developments in the Flutter framework and mobile development in general to constantly improve their skills and knowledge.


Bachelor Degree


1 t0 2 year

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